It’s one of those photos that make you do a double-take. Dr. Leake of Cenegenics stands in his swimmers, his shirt off. His face and body is that of a fit 30 year old. But at 62, Dr. Leake is living proof of the effectiveness of the Cenegenics Program!
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The medical profession is missing a key factor . . . why do we think our hormones should be sub-optimal as we age?
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Cenegenics is the world’s leading Age Management Medical Practice. We establish personalized health programs backed by evidence-based, cutting-edge science that will dramatically improve your quality of life.

The World’s Largest Age Management Medicine Practice

Cenegenics is the world leader in “Age Management Medicine”. Cenegenics pioneered hormone treatments for men and women and were pioneers in the use of bio identical hormones. But Cenegenics goes much further than just hormones. Our 18 years experience in Age Management Medicine; our 35,000 patients; and our collaboration with the leading specialists in science, medicine, fitness and nutrition means that we have the knowledge and expertise to manage your health as you age – not just to keep you healthy, but to keep you in an optimal “youthful” condition!

  • 18 years experience
  • 28 clinics across America
  • 35,000 current patients (2,500 of whom are themselves doctors)
  • A Medical Research Institute dedicated to Age Management Medicine
  • A Dedicated Doctor Training Academy
  • The worlds most advanced health evaluation that includes a full day of tests and scans

Bio Identical Hormones

Bio Identical Hormones are compounded in exactly the right combinations just for you. We measure and monitor your situation and adapt your prescription as your health and well-being change.

Women report that they have better skin, an elevated mood, more energy, increased memory, a greater libido, weight control and many other benefits.

Men report that they feel more alive, have more energy,  lose weight, gain muscle, perform better at work, have greater libido and less aches and pains.

Stay Young, Feel Amazing

With Cenegenics you can defy the effects of what is considered “normal” aging, look and feel amazing, and live a long life free of the disabling conditions that many people believe are “inevitable” as you age.  With Cenegenics you can have complete control over your health and how you age.

The Elite Health Evaluation

The Elite Health Evaluation goes far beyond the usual GP check up. Your evaluation is a comfortable and enjoyable experience combining the latest medical research and technology with personalized attention from a specially trained team.

Measurable Wellness

Once you finish your Elite Health Evaluation you will receive a unique 30 page brochure – all about you. This is your personal plan and includes your health number and a battery of measures that measure your inner health from the cellular level up.  We update your plan and your scores 4 times every year. As your health improves, you see your numbers getting better and better. Directly measuring your improvement in health and wellness is highly motivating to our patients and really helps them stay on track.

Locations Around Australia And The World

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Cenegenics Transformations

Yes, these types of results ARE typical!

And it’s not just the look of their bodies – that is just the external representation of the new levels of health and vitality that these people have experienced.

These results have also been achieved in the age group where most people think it’s no longer possible.

Cenegenics Programs have worked for more than 35,000 people – why not you next?

Frequently Asked Question

Isn't the Cenegenics program expensive?

The Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation and Age Management Program is best suited to people who do value their health!

Many countries have adequate public health systems that do a great job when you are sick, have had an accident, or are on a pension of some type. However, those public health systems are not set up to cater for people who are seeking great health!

Likewise, your General Practitioner is usually just that, a generalist, and is probably not informed enough to guide you on the path to elite level health. The general thinking is that by a certain age, of course you will need statins and blood pressure medication, its just a given!

By the age of 65, most people are taking 5-9 different medications, for the rest of their life! And they do not have the energy or well being to conduct an active life! THAT is expensive!

At Cenegenics, we believe, through our evidence based scientific research, and through our experience with over 35,000 patients, that the type of aging most people expect is simply NOT necessary. It is YOUR choice what you want to do with that knowledge, and what enjoying great health, exceptional energy and clarity of mind, and the capacity to function at a higher level as you age is worth to you.

We don’t think the program is expensive in comparison to the costs of public health on a nation, or the costs to your health over the long term without programs like Cenegenics.



Aren't hormone replacement therapies dangerous?

Testosterone, in particular, has a bad wrap. It is often associated with body builders and the side effects they have with taking too much in the hope of getting big muscles. Likewise, there was some press given to a relationship between testosterone and prostate cancer, but those ideas have no basis in current scientific research.

Cenegenics hormones are prescribed where clinically indicated. So, if our extensive testing uncovers a problem such as hypothyroidism, or low testosterone, or low progesterone in a post menopausal woman, or similar endocrine issues, we look for ways to support your health with nutrition, exercise and hormone replacement – in the quantity of each that is best for you!

What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are compounds that are structurally identical to your natural hormones – the body can’t tell the difference, so they work just like the hormones your body used to produce.

One of the key features of bio-identical hormones is the fact that the dose can be attenuated to be exactly the right dose for you at this moment in time. Cenegenics conducts quarterly testing and follow up on all of our patients so each quarter your medications can be adjusted to match your improving physical condition.

Remember, as you age your body’s ability to produce hormones declines, and this decline is one of the main reasons that your body begins to fail at repairing itself. We are not looking to boost an already healthy level of hormones, simply to replace that which will not come back on its own!

I don't have the energy or time to exercise - can I still do Cenegenics?

Not having enough energy for exercise is one of the symptoms of poor nutrition and/or disrupted hormonal status.

Additionally, many people try to do exercise programs that are not appropriate to them; too difficult, wrong type of workout for their body, not monitored for their progressions, or they choose something that’s not fun for them – it’s not any wonder that people often declare they “don’t like” exercise!

“Not enough time” crops up because most people do wasted hours of long boring cardio – yuk! Accurately mapped workouts plus doing the activities you enjoy (outdoors is good!) equals “plenty of time” to do your workouts!

The Cenegenics program is built on the tri-phasic approach of “nutrition, exercise and hormones”. During your Elite Health Evaluation we examine in detail your health, nutrition, fitness, flexibility, and hormonal status. From that measurement we can accurately prescribe every aspect of your Elite Health Program.

What this means for your workouts is:

  • by getting the right nutrition for your body at this point in time means you have more energy
  • by having your hormones checked, and balanced if required, means, again, more energy (and often motivation) to get your workouts done
  • lastly, because the program is individually set it will work for you, around your life’s requirements, and we will help you keep on track with it

Yes, exercise is part of the program, and yes, you will find it easier than ever before!

What will I have to eat?

After your Elite Health Evaluation your physician, nutritionist, and exercise physiologist use your test results to develop a plan tailored to your specific requirements. On the whole the nutritional plan is based on low-glycemic whole foods. You may be required to take supplements if your tests indicate any deficiencies.

Because of the Cenegenics tri-phasic approach our patients find all aspects of their Elite Health Program much easier to follow than conventional diets or exercise plans.